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  • Can my monthly dues be auto paid?
    Yes. Please fill out the EFT form on the documents page and for a small fee, your monthly dues will automatically be paid right from your checking account. Once set up, you won't have to worry about it anymore.
  • I want to remodel my villa or install a fence or hot this ok?
    Main Street Villas has strict covenants and by laws which the board of directors will enforce. The convenants and by laws are on this website. Please navagate to the documents section and read the covenants and by laws. Please note that any improvements to your Villa must be approved by the board of directors before any work begins.
  • Who do I call to mow my lawn or shovel my snow?
    Nobody. We do that for you.
  • Who do I contact for questions about my monthly fee?
    You can contact Karen Steele, our property manager. She will respond within a reasonable time frame with your answer. You can reach her by filling out the contact us form or call 307-0376.
  • Why am I not receiving any information from the HOA?
    Do we have your email address? We are no longer mailing out information. We do not want to spend the money on postage and want to save on paper. Everything is now emailed. Please make sure we have your correct email address. Fill out the "contact us' page with your current information.